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About us

Our story

In Babykit we believe that the clothes for our kids should be of high quality, comfortable, and only use sustainable materials. Therefore, we avoid using artificial products as much as possible. We also guarantee that all our fabrics are suitable for babies and young children, ranging from newborns till the age of three years old. All the textiles we use are OEKO-TEX certified.
After several years working as an architect, Mafalda decided it was time to create something she felt really passionate about. When Mafalda had her first baby boy, and as her extended family was growing and surrounding her with new babies and toddlers, she and her mother quickly noticed the lack of support mothers had in preparing their maternity baby kits. Mothers about to have their babies were just spending a lot of energy, time, and money so they could have everything prepared. Babykit was born out of this desire to help mothers everywhere and make sure they only care about what’s most important of all: their babies.
At Babykit we order small quantities of stock to ensure quality of the product and uniqueness. We also use and upcycle all the leftovers from previous collections. Our products are made in Portugal with the help of family-owned suppliers where employees have optimal working conditions. The embroidery in our clothes is handmade by Cris, and all designs are by our co-founder Mafalda.
We work carefully, slowly, and with the best intentions to make sure you dress your little happily.